Guidelines for Wearing Logos at Washington University School of Medicine

The only logo approved to be worn on clinical faculty and staff lab coats or scrubs is Washington University Physicians. This brand was developed by the Faculty Practice Plan (FPP) and approved by the Dean’s and Chancellor's office in 1999. Its purpose is to reassure patients they are being seen by WUSM-employed faculty or staff. This minimizes patient confusion around our research or educational endeavors. NOTE: Physicians and staff practicing in Illinois must wear the WUP-Illinois, Inc., logo on their lab coats.

  • Lipic's Inc. is the only University-approved vendor for logo embroidery on clinical apparel.
  • The logo is to be placed on the right, front chest area.
  • The cost of brand embroidery for full-time clinical faculty is covered by the FPP.
  • Other treating professionals, such as fellows, nurses, medical assistants or other staff with faceto- face contact with patients are encouraged to wear the brand on lab coats or scrubs. The cost will be charged to the clinical unit or department.
  • Logo Cost: $11.50 per logo
Personalized Embroidery of Lab Coats and Scrubs
  • For patient safety, lab coats must be personalized.
  • Faculty and staff may choose from a limited selection of colors and font styles. Available fonts are Helvetica Condensed or Script in black, navy, green or white thread.
  • Name and department are to appear on left, front chest area above the pocket.
  • All threads are bleach proof.
  • University standard uses 3/8" lettering, and avoids "Department of " and periods in credentials.
  • Do not include titles. Ex.:
    Joseph M. Smith, MD, PhD Eleanor G. Brody, PNP
    Internal Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • To submit coats for personalization, please go to and search "Lab Coat Branding" for easy ordering.
  • Personalization Cost:  Personalization is always charged to the clinical unit or department. Each line (25 characters/spaces) is $7.00. Each additional character is $0.50.
Ordering New Lab Coats and Scrubs
  • Visit order a lab coat or scrub from Lipic’s.
  • When issuing your PO, include the WUSM PO number, contact name, size and model number (#WUxxxxx), font and color for personalization and the logo number (#WU0170557000).
Old Lab Coats
  • As a security measure, when faculty/staff terminate employment with WUSM, their branded lab coats should be destroyed.
  • We ask the department to make a few cuts through the logo with a scissors before disposing.
Questions? Please call Faculty Practice Plan Communications and Marketing at 314-747-6542.

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